Feb 29, 2008

jedi's catharsis

there i was,sitting on the doorway,not minding the stink from the nearby trash because my nose is invaded by virus.

and i almost not notice you coming,i recognize the red nose and a sniff.ohmygahd!
then you sat beside me and had a good row of rants. tsk. then you said, 'come on,let's complete the picture'.

we all live in our own boxes.as we grow up (not even guaranteed if we will mature),it won't get any bigger.it will just get even more crowded.

i was wondering pud,what if i stay in that box,but i can still move and see the world.
or i am given wings but i can't fly because a ball and chain is attached to my feet.

unsay difference?

apathy,i don't know if i can live with it.
murag i'd rather choose to paint that white room with bright colors (the one we discussed about,katong naa si.. .n_n.)-hippie style

dayon..ana.ambot jedi.that night in the rain was worth being a schizophrenic (because you call me that).and it never hurt us because we were safe in the arms of imagination,and a good dose of coffee.

sooo....well yeah,i think it still sucks.everything.


Anonymous said...

*sigh* oh cripe! X_x

cant we just leave this world?

i'll shut up about my rants nlng aron d ta mboang. mgpkshallow nlng ta! kamon! let us.


blue moon said...

cheers! kapi! ehehe

Anonymous said...

(i posted this ky te lua pd.)

i've just recently seen this documentary film about a band from cuba. they're called buena vista social club -ive told you about them right? the one that made the rhythms del mundo album gud... nwe, if im not mistaken its a club they have, a sort of bar where they hung out before - around the 40's-50's - and played music. cuban. very xalite. so now, they're old and most of the people have no idea who they are or where the club was originally situated anymore. in the docu, the director (wim wenders) and a famous american guiatrist (ry cooder) ventured into cuba to find these oldies and get them to record an album and eventually play live at the carnegie hall, NY. this was around 1999/2000 (uu daan na ni na docu, krn pko ka hearing). so ana, most of the band members havent performed since their youth when they were famous pa. the journey was pretty emotional for them, and seeing that, i wasnt able help but feel it too. tapos na amaze ko ga tanaw aning mga tiguwang nga giarthritis nga ga jamming. pakxxeit. :D uhm. the version i saw didnt have english subs but keri ra. the visuals and the music was enough. :)

kdumdom daun ko nimu, ni te lua, kamo. hey, dont feel too bad if feeling ninyo things arent working out for you. if you feel like your dreams are too far. you have all your lifetime to sing. taman matai ka. and when you get old, dont worry. naa mu'y audience -ako. haha. i'll still be that groupie who could never get enough of you guys. ;)

o drama ni ha? haha! ;p