Feb 20, 2008

the night breeze

you lick my toes with your icy tongue
and you blow cold kisses right through my pores,
seeping in. I'm shivering, I'm faltering.
I'm caught in your blanket of wickedness.
wrapping, surrounding, dissolving in my very skin.

come sing to me your tales of sorrow, of lies,
deceit, anger and cold ambition;
broken vows of love, hatred, neglect
and long-forgotten dreams.
come whisper in my ear frosted solace,
a mother's cry and a lover's grief,
a father's resignation,
howls of pain, maddening illness and death of hope.

you enter the weak and evoke chill of the night's age
through windows, doors, 'neath beds and pillows.
inside thoughts, beside dreams, gnawing the bones
gripping the soul
freezing the mind
calming, inviting, consuming.

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