Apr 17, 2008

mga hirit sa tag-init

the first quarter of my summer was spent by watching the complete four seasons of project runway and random episodes of friends and then waking or getting up just to eat or search for whatever grub is left.

and this monotonous bum life is sadly turning into a system, a lifestyle that will eventually end up with me looking like a puffball. T.T

suggestions on how to spend your summer (or how I should spend it):
-eat a lot of icecream.hahaha
-watch all your favorite movies
-read all those books you thought were lame (but you will eventually find out to be great)
-practice that guitar or piano you so long to learn
-decorate your room with coconut trees or summer sunsets.
-complete that list of summer flings. hahahaha
-get a tan or henna tattoo.
-call up your bestest friend, go to the beach and enjoy the scene over a mug of mocha shake or a tub of sinful icecream.
-take pictures!