Feb 29, 2008

jedi's catharsis

there i was,sitting on the doorway,not minding the stink from the nearby trash because my nose is invaded by virus.

and i almost not notice you coming,i recognize the red nose and a sniff.ohmygahd!
then you sat beside me and had a good row of rants. tsk. then you said, 'come on,let's complete the picture'.

we all live in our own boxes.as we grow up (not even guaranteed if we will mature),it won't get any bigger.it will just get even more crowded.

i was wondering pud,what if i stay in that box,but i can still move and see the world.
or i am given wings but i can't fly because a ball and chain is attached to my feet.

unsay difference?

apathy,i don't know if i can live with it.
murag i'd rather choose to paint that white room with bright colors (the one we discussed about,katong naa si.. .n_n.)-hippie style

dayon..ana.ambot jedi.that night in the rain was worth being a schizophrenic (because you call me that).and it never hurt us because we were safe in the arms of imagination,and a good dose of coffee.

sooo....well yeah,i think it still sucks.everything.

Feb 20, 2008

raindrops on glass

i wish i could sleep through days and days
and when i wake up, i'd hear the rain beside me.
i wish i could stay awake at night
so i could see the stars when they fall and weep.

i become the rain
like the night sky, bringing a thousand wishes
and i drop on everything, even on glass
i am raindrops on glass.

it's a hard and cold transparent glass
i can only see you through it when i touch the surface
and i could not somehow get to you
i am only raindrops on glass, it's where i stop.
it's where i'm placed.

the night breeze

you lick my toes with your icy tongue
and you blow cold kisses right through my pores,
seeping in. I'm shivering, I'm faltering.
I'm caught in your blanket of wickedness.
wrapping, surrounding, dissolving in my very skin.

come sing to me your tales of sorrow, of lies,
deceit, anger and cold ambition;
broken vows of love, hatred, neglect
and long-forgotten dreams.
come whisper in my ear frosted solace,
a mother's cry and a lover's grief,
a father's resignation,
howls of pain, maddening illness and death of hope.

you enter the weak and evoke chill of the night's age
through windows, doors, 'neath beds and pillows.
inside thoughts, beside dreams, gnawing the bones
gripping the soul
freezing the mind
calming, inviting, consuming.

Feb 19, 2008

banksy- grafitti artist, from jedi ra pud nako nadiscover.

the society

believe me, it's just a cycle. gusto ko makiglalis, i need jedi for back-up.

after all, it's innate na sa tao na magstrive ka for self-actualization diba? the moment na masatisfy imong basic needs, there will always be the will to rise from that. moventure ka into more challenging exposure to test your potentials and your capabilities.

let's say, na-achieve na ang classless society, sooner or later, na man jud mga tao na competitive.so they will want to improve og mas mo-taas ila level. (level-up?)

para ma-control na nimo, pag-establish nimo sa society, you have to keep a certain truth away from the people na na-belong ana. kay para macontrol xa. in a way, it would still be like the present system. cycle. ambot.

Feb 15, 2008


i was born in black and white,
i was torn between what was wrong or right.
and now you've taught me how to bleed,
you wiped me off clean.
won't you give it back to me,
what you stole that i didn't have before?
paint me RED, paint me blue
paint me anything that you want to.

Feb 11, 2008

i see red

all i see is red. for your passion, your rage, your strife.

and all i can do (or all im allowed to do) is stare at the screen for a few stolen moments.

if only's and what if's don't work anymore.id rather have you slap me with the reality that asking for even just a piece of your mind is too much.like a kid asking for an extra piece of candy when all she has is a dime.

napakaputa ng mga pangyayari. ew.. see? see what i've dared to do?
nkdare ko mgpkcorny.this world never is too much unless you let it get you.it was never in the written records of fate nga mgpakog ta.

all i can do now is look at you from across the street and go on walking and act like that split-second glimpse into the depths of your sad eyes did not happen at all. i'll check on you after ten years, or twenty, no, make it fifty or more.
if gikapoi na ka bah. mangape dayon ta ha.librehon tikag obar.promis.