Jan 30, 2008

nag-emote ang dagat, dhai...

said the sea to the moon,
this night, you look at me with such peace
illuminating my every darkness
uncovering what shines in me

yet those tears pierce through me
reflecting with much more brilliance
sparkling on my skin of silk
i am vast, still you envelop me
you are nothing but a breathless sight
yes, just a breathless sight

you silence me with a gleam, then a smile
i shout back at you

with you, i know not where i stop
i am boundless, i am yours
i am yours to fill with light
you are mine to fill with darkness.

Jan 29, 2008

what the bloody hell were you thinking?!!!

to no one in particular (you know who the freak you are)

ok... so i'm bitter. who the hell cares? i don't give a damn to what you say. and never will i ever hear and believe a single, nasty fart from you. and guess what, JERK, (jerk...suits you well), i am soooooo over the fact that you actually had the guts to inform me that you still EXIST.!!

by golly... it just goes to show that somehow, in an unintentional manner, pure, innocent, sincere, pink JERKINESS just manages to shine through. through your veins, your skin, that HELIUM-packed head of yours.

and i am telling you (for the fucking millionth time) and I swear to the bitching mother of all stupid jerks, that i am never giving a hell of a damn to whatever happens to you.

i am not your salvation, i am not your potty.

i am not your mother.
i am not your bitch.
i am not your conscience.
i am not your daily source of carbohydrates.
i am not your song to murder.
i am not your picture to take.
i am not your god.
i am not your devil. never your angel.

i am here to testify that jerks actually roam the face of the earth, that's why we are all deteriorating in an unbelievable record-breaking speed.

and this blog post sucks. putik.

Jan 28, 2008

lesbian tendencies

she floats in my caffeine-induced mind.
the eyes searching, like portals to cosmic dimensions where time and space neither breathes nor sighs.
her crown of brunette silk belongs to godesses who used to bask in Apollo's brilliance; who used to chat the time away, follies in tune to the steady beat of water falling from gargoyle mouths.
her skin of smooth porcelain, a refreshing,blinding renewal to the senses, contrasts against the cold, hard blocks of marble.
my muse wearing the breath of Athena, glides in the single sheet of platinum threads.
a trail of her laughter and a whisper of her voice make an eternal echo in my ear.
and i hold her in my palm, a cloud of silver smoke causing nausea.
and i touch her with my song, to bring what the winged foot forgot, what men denied, and what she does not know of.
and she sleeps in my dreams.
my muse, she is.

Jan 14, 2008

happy place

that time of day with the morning magic light.
that time of day when all you hear is breathing.
everything's serene.
and you just want to fall off a cliff and never ever reach the ground.
like falling into everything.
falling into nothing.
water running on my face.
i love water...
face it.
fly back up.
____ _______ __ ____ _________ __ - _
i've just been to my happy place. and yet..


she floats in your mind.
her face,your reflection.
your heart,her own.
her voice,your song.
your eyes,her sight.
her thoughts,your dreams.

useless, stupid


drip my blood drips.

so warm, it scorches me.

blissful and painful.

cruel and gentle.

i feel powerful, invincible.

so strong that i could fly.

but i am weak, a petal that surrenders to the wind's summon.

drip the water drips.

i sit in this cold corner.

naked and wet,jaded and cold.

jumping off the cliff blind-folded

i'll save all the chances for that one moment.
i'll keep my voice for that single song.
i''ll wait for that spark of light and i'll mark my path.
for when it won't come, i'll trace my steps and search again.

to find you is bliss, like seeing the sun for the first time, seeing the moon for the last.