Jun 29, 2008


"i'm feeling the same way all over again.."- (norah jones nga song)

i've been feeling kind of bored..or frustrated. this syndrome is supposed to surface during the third year in college (sort of prologue to psychological burn-out? aw).

kapoi tuon..or pra mas klaro- kapoi skwela. hahaha

Jun 11, 2008

it's a bloody card game!!!

i remember when i was still very young, we would play card games like unggoy2x or utot2x. so mao toh, pag mejo dako na mi gamai (dako na gamai?! is that possible?), level-up na ang dula to 123 pass, killer2x, bluff, speed, hearts, and a lot more. These card games usually happen among cousins, friends and classmates during all saints' day, halloween, mga lamay, sleepovers, slumber parties, foundation days, charter days, or when the teacher is absent. And i remember the punishments and consequences for losers- like butngan og lipstick ang nawong, truth or dare (truth or der? bwahahahaha) or whatever the group thinks up.

pag-college nako, gitudloan kog tong-its.hahaha i like watching my friends play quietly (or not!). magsabot dayon na sila.nay uban maghulam og coins pangpatad, nai uban wai plete pauli magdula nalang.og naa pud nang adunahan sa grupo who keeps the booze flowing para lingaw ang dula.
and i have learned how tricky this game gets. sometimes your most adorable friend turns into a sly, cheating orc. or this pretty and kikai bestfriend lures you into believing she is generous and won't let you lose. But no...oho no..everybody changes when this freaky card game heats up. ahahaha and that makes it even more fun.it can even last for hours, until it gets really dark you'll have to light a candle to see the cards.whew...desperate times, everyone. desperate times.

then again, there are days when you just want to have fun and play a friendly version of this bloody card battle. it may sound too intense than it actually is, because it sure can get exciting especially pag ang jackpot kay dako na. so you have to watch out whatever ihulog sa 'hitter'.ingon pa ni (insert name of sugapa here,) aiaw ipakaon ang sunod nga molabay sa imo.

i was never good at cards and never will be.you see these games require a lot of wit, alertness and that bold, daring trait i don't have. it ain't for the faint-hearted, you know. unless you want to play the lamest game- say, solitaire (which happens to be my favorite game sa pc). does that mean i'm lame?

sometimes it's just a simple game of bluff or 123pass.more often it's a hand of tong-its.pretty hard when you're in the game, you can't decide which card you're willing to lose, which card you can't give up, which card you're waiting to show up.it gets even harder when you know you've already invested quite a lot as time passes and the game raises higher stakes.it can start fairly, but it can end in vain. if ever you lose, you can always take a break and come back when you're ready to gamble again.
whatever happens, you have to know it's just a bloody card game. don't just play, but don't just risk.and don't just play solitaire when you can play something else.