Mar 17, 2008

too high a price much will it cost to be me? to be the real one?
yesterday, i was really high (in caffeine). and count on jedi to romanticize everything.haha the perfect picture.


aaah..the feel of raindrops on my face.
the cold wind blowing on my lips.
and my heart racing a beat with the rhythm of the sikad-driver's pedal.
warmth isn't always comfort
and coldness isn't always miserable and gloomy.
it is my sunshine- rain is.

this is heaven.
this is my guilty pleasure, my blankie
my pillow, my hankie.
this is my devilish chocolate cake, my vanilla icecream;
my mega-deluxe double-mushroom beef pizza
i don't mind the mud on my newly-cleaned toes
or the stink from the nearby trash dump
or the loud noises of peasants struggling to exhaust their voices to make ends meet
or the silly stare of someone trying to look at my collarbone
or the fear of not getting a chance to freeze my mind.

because plain and hopeless as i am, atleast i tried hard to seize the moment-
the two-minute ride home, all for six pesos.
now that's a really good bargain, better than any ukay-ed shirt.

and my mind plays tricks on me again.
do you ever have those extremely anti-climactic episodes in your mind when one minute you're totally elated, and the next second, you feel pissed and miserable?

i don't know if it's just the coffee or what.
all i can say is, the day ended fine, perfect- almost. kay nakatulog ko.haha

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